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Employment Screening

Design your own employment package with any of the individual reports listed below or ask us for our expert advice on what reports apply to your business.


  • U.S. Comprehensive criminal record search - the best and most comprehensive  nationwide database available with over 300 million records, including Department of Corrections records, sex offenders list for all states, OFAC, terrorist watch list, and more. 
  • County or Statewide search - include felony and most misdemeanor convictions.  A researcher obtains the most up to date real-time records available directly from the courthouse.
  • Federal Criminal Search - cases located in the US District Courts. Crimes may include violations that do not appear on county or states searches, i.e. kidnapping, drug trafficking, interstate transportation of stolen goods, bank robber, and embezzlement.

Reasons to perform criminal record searches -  To demonstrate the employer's hiring practice includes due diligence.  It helps reduce the threat of workplace violence, theft, and/or negligence.  This search is especially important for employers who have employees work with youth, elderly, disabled, or clients in their home.  It is recommended that all counties are searched where the applicant has lived, worked and gone to school in the past 7 years.  


SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER VERIFICATION - This report will provide names and addresses associated with the applicant's social security number.  This may help indicate fraudulent use or possible identity theft, as well as, provide additional locations for criminal record searches.


Employment Verification - Our expert staff will verify dates of employment, job title, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, and salary when possible. 

Education Verification - We will verify that the applicant has the required education, degree, or training required to do the job.  Includes dates & degree titles.

Professional or Personal References - We will contact at least 3 references to obtain information about the applicant's work habits, strengths, weaknesses or other attitudes relating to employment.  You may use our standard questions or we will work with you to develop questions specific to your company needs.

Professional License Check - We will verify the applicant's type of license,  whether the license is valid, the date it was issued, state, and licensing authority.

Reasons to perform verifications -  These reports verify the data on the employment application and/or resume.  It will confirm whether the applicant is telling the truth, demonstrate gaps in employment, demonstrate any patterns in the applicant's employment (i.e. short-term employment histories, repeated reasons for leaving employment, or whether employers would consider rehiring the individual).


Driving Record (MVR) - This report will provide information about the applicants driving history, endorsements, restrictions, status of license, and any actions or violations on record. 

Reason to obtain Driving Record - This will assist the employer in assessing the applicant's ability to comply with traffic laws, to appear in court or pay fines, or determine if there is a pattern of alcohol or drug use while driving.


Credit Reports from TransUnion (PEER) - This report will verify the applicant's social security number, list other addresses and other names used as reported to the credit bureau, as well as, list public records such as judgments, liens, bankruptcies, accounts placed for collection, and payment history.

Reason to obtain a credit report - This report will help the employer determine the applicant's suitability for any position involving cash or exercising financial decision making, as well as, assist in determining the overall trustworthiness of an applicant.  It will also provide verification of the applicant's ssn and list addresses which may assist in selecting counties or states for criminal record searches.

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