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Tenant Screening

You may choose one of our basic packages or we will work with you to get the best possible package for the most affordable cost.


We offer the most comprehensive tenant screening packages available.

Credit Reports from TransUnion - This report will verify the applicant's social security number, list other addresses and other names used as reported to the credit bureau, as well as, list public records such as judgments, liens, bankruptcies, accounts placed for collection, and payment history.  It will also show if the applicant is currently past due on any accounts and how much is past due. 

U.S. Comprehensive criminal record search - The best and most comprehensive  nationwide database available with over 300 million records, including department of corrections records, sex offenders list for all states, OFAC, terrorist watch list, and more. 

Rental History Verification - We will call the rental history listed on the application to verify that the applicant has a positive rental history.  We will obtain detailed information that will help you to determine if the applicant is worthy of renting your property.  We also check for evictions.

Employment Verification - Our expert staff will verify dates of employment, job title,  and salary when possible.  This information will help you determine if the applicant has sufficient income to afford your rental, whether they have a satisfactory job history, or if there are gaps in employment dates.

 We provide all our customers with time tested and proven quality rental applications with the proper legal releases as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

In addition, we have other documents that will help you learn more about tenant screening, setting your own criteria for your renters approval, and up to date information about current trends in the rental market.

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